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I would like to upgrade my old HP notebook 1b60us CPU A4 3300m with new faster one.

MessagePosté: Jeu 21 Juin 2018 09:48
par depprussell

I was looking into upgrading My CPU, from old threads I found online, it’s only possible to upgrade it to A10 3500 2.5GH with FS1 socket.
Technology is evolving and we are 2018, I haven’t found anything new online about this issue, I guess everyone now days just want to buy something new, but I’m not in that position right now, so upgrading my CPU would be a great step. I added to my current laptop another RAM and replaced my SSD with Elitebook hard drive that had windows 10 pro on it. It’s working great and fast for simple things, but lot of apps isn’t working and performing as they supposed to and plus I would love to play some games with no lags etc.. Can you please help me and suggest for me a solution that would solve CPU problems?

Please help.

I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.

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